All radiation therapy is painless. You can continue with your normal daily activities while simply making time in your day for your treatment. We will try to schedule your treatment time before you have to go to work or on your lunch break if that is what you need.

How Do I Get Started?

First, schedule a visit with Dr. Hughes. You can call yourself or have your other physician make a referral. This often depends on your insurance company's rules. You will need to provide insurance information before your visit so that we have enough time to contact your insurance company

We just need copies of your recent medical records about your cancer diagnosis before your visit with us. Our staff will work with you to make this process easy.

Consultation Visit

You will first meet with one of our nurses and Dr. Hughes who will review your medical history, medications, and cancer records such as pathology, scans, blood work and doctor notes. Dr. Hughes will also conduct a physical exam and get to know you.

Dr. Hughes will take a lot of time to present you with your choices for radiation treatment. He will use his experience and your case to make a judgment as to what the best choice is for fighting your cancer. You are unique and so is your disease. You will have plenty of time to ask questions and take an active role in making a decision.

Arm You with Information

The more you know about your cancer treatment, the better you can handle it.

We have videos that can show you what to expect during your treatment as well as handouts.

Our team will tell you what to expect and how to deal with side effects. The same team members will also work with you every day during your treatment so they will get to know you and can help you along the way. We will take good care of you.

Planning Your Perfect Treatment


Our radiation therapists need pictures of your cancer. Each person's cancer is unique in shape, size and location. We use CAT scan, MRI and PET scan images to help plan your treatment. Tests may be ordered at another facility so that we can obtain these important pictures. Our team will schedule these tests and take care of insurance pre-certification if necessary.

CyberKnife Treatment Markers

Some patients getting CyberKnife will require "markers" to be placed. These markers help our team to see your cancer during treatment. Cyberknife is the ONLY radiation machine that tracks your cancer all through treatments.

Most markers will be placed at our center by Dr. Hughes. Some will be done by another specialist at the hospital.

CT Mapping

Before your radiation treatment, you will have a CT scan right here at First Dayton Cancer Care. During your mapping, your radiation therapy team works with you to find a comfortable position for you. It's important that you lie still during treatment, so finding a comfortable position is vital. To do this, you'll lie on the same type of table that's used during radiation therapy. Cushions and special devices are used to position you in the right way and to help you stay comfortable. Your radiation therapy team will mark the area of your body that will receive the radiation. Depending on your situation, you may receive temporary markings with a marker. Rarel, do we need permanent pinpoint tattoos. It is important that you do not wash these marks off.

Our team uses all of these images to plan the perfect treatment for you. You will NOT be here during this planning. It takes hours of calculations and planning to design a course of treatment to precisely treat your cancer with radiation and to minimize harm to surrounding healthy tissue.

This treatment planning can make all the difference in the world not only in curing your cancer, but in reducing your side effects. First Dayton Cancer Care only employs full time radiation specialists who design and approve every treatment you have. We will never treat a patient without approval from every specialist involved. Pinpoint accuracy takes time and care.

The Radiation Treatment

Your radiation treatment is the easy part of the process for you. During your treatment you will simply lie in the same position each time, while the radiation treatment machines move around you. You will hear the machine, but it is not loud. You will not feel anything unless you are having HDR brachytherapy treatments. What you experience during HDR brachytherapy depends on your type of cancer.

Electron beam, Leipzig HDR brachytherapy and IMRT take only 5-15 minutes per treatment. CyberKnife treatment will take between 30-90 minutes depending on your cancer. If you are having CyberKnife or HDR treatments, you are welcome to bring in your own music CD. While earphones or ear buds cannot be worn during treatment, we would be happy to play whatever will relax you during treatment.

There is no treatment preparation required except for prostate cancer treatments. Our clinical staff will review this process with you thoroughly prior to your first treatment day.

Visits While On Treatment

First Dayton Cancer Care takes pride in the fact that Dr. Hughes is here at the center each day that patients are undergoing treatment. That's simply not true for all centers in Dayton. You will visit with Dr. Hughes at least once per week while you are undergoing treatment. However, he is always available to you during your treatment if you are experiencing problems or have questions. Our radiation therapists see you each day during your treatment and our nursing staff is always available to help you in any way they can.

What Happens When I am Done?

Dr. Hughes will schedule follow up visits with you once your radiation treatments are complete. Your follow up schedule of appointments and testing will be tailored to you and your disease.

Dr. Hughes follows the guidelines from The NationalComprehensive Care Netowrk (NCCN) of The National Institutes of Health.

Our nursing staff will review your follow up schedule with you and explain what you can expect. We understand that you may feel 'on your own' after treatments are complete. But, we never want you to feel alone.Throughout the course of your radiation treatments our team will prepare you to become a healthy survivor. They will continue to help you on your journey during your scheduled follow up visits. It is important that your cancer is watched to make sure that it does return or move within your body. Follow up appointments with us and with your other physicians are important to your future.

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