Take Back Control of Your Healthcare from Insurance Companies

OSMA Logo w 3D State - Blk & Lt Blue - Drop ShadowPlease join the Ohio State Medical Association to take action today to stop Medical Insurance companies from practicing medicine!

OSMA Government Relations Team is working overtime to get SB 129 passed out of the Ohio House by the end of May.  We need your help to give one final push to your Representative to pass this legislation in the next three weeks! The insurance industry has continued to voice concerns with the bill following its unanimous passage out of the Ohio Senate. The current prior authoirzation system’s administrative burden and impediment to quality care must end.

Currently they require your physician to ask PERMISSION to treat you. The insurers decide what type of medical care you are allowed to receive.

Plus they may or may not pay for the services that they have promised to cover. This leaves you, the patient, with a huge bill or you the physician unpaid.

We are asking that insurers respond to the authorization request in a timely manner. In 2012 the average wait time for our patients was around 4 days. Now our patients wait on average of 23 days for authorization. This delays treatment and causes a lot of anxiety in people who are already anxious because they have cancer.

This Senate Bill is vital to health care in Ohio. While it doesn’t solve all of our problems with Prior Authorizations, it certainly is a giant step in the right direction. Insurance companies need to allow our physicians to treat our patients the way that their experience and expertise tells them is best for that individual person. Plus, our patients deserve timely answers and your doctors deserves to be paid what has been promised to care for you.

Senate Bill 129 will help us to achieve all of this. Please take a few moments to send a letter to let your voice be heard!

I also encourage you to send this email to everyone you know. Each one of us is a patient. Send it to everyone on your email list.

Let’s tell the insurance companies that we do not want them practicing medicine. Go to the OSMA Advocacy Center to send a letter to our government right now! Time is running out to have your voice heard.