Skin Cancer and the Art of Treatment Design

Day 1 of Treatment and 2 weeks after treatment. The skin will continue to heal.

Day 1 of Treatment

After 8 treatments

After 8 treatments

12 weeks post treatment

12 weeks post treatment







Despite the fact that most skin cancers are preventable, more than 1 million people will be diagnosed with a new skin cancer this year. If treated correctly and early, skin cancer can be no more than an inconvenience. However, if not treated correctly, it can become deadly.

When you think skin cancer treatment, you think dermatologist. Dermatologists will treat the majority of early skin cancers. But did you know that radiation oncologists have been successfully treating skin cancer for well over 100 years? My predecessors have mastered tried and true techniques however, with advances in technology, I have taken treating skin cancer to a whole new level. Much depends on the type of cancer as well as the location. It is best to know all of your options for treating your skin cancer.


My team at First Dayton Cancer Care were the first in southwest Ohio to use new robotic technology coupled with basic principles of radiation therapy to treat skin cancer. Since its inception in 2003, myself and my team of experts has performed over 3,000 Leipzig Robotic Radiation treatments for early stage basal and squamous cell skin cancer.

The Leipzig Robotic Radiation treatment is an alternative to surgery that targets small skin cancers without pain or damaging surrounding tissue. This is a very superficial radiation treatment that causes no scarring and no incision. A patient simply experiences a ‘sunburn’ in the treatment area. Once new skin has grown, it is healthy and fresh just like a newborn baby.

Leipzig helps fight cancer in hard to reach areas such as ears, noses, lips, scalps and shins. Treatments only take a few minutes in 6 -10 visits. For people with diabetes, peripheral vascular disorders and those on blood thinners the Leipzig treatment is an amazing option. Since it is not surgery, there is no wound that needs to heal and no need to change any medications. This is a wonderful option.


Locally advanced skin cancers don’t stand a chance against tried and true electron beam therapy (EBT). EBT delivers powerful cancer-fighting radiation to the involved layers of the skin and spares the tissues and organs beneath. EBT takes advantage of the 100 year old radiation principle of fractionation -small daily doses over 4 to 6 weeks. Normal tissue surrounding the cancer have time to heal up after small daily doses of radiation – skin cancer cells do not.

I design a custom mold for each patient and then develop a treatment plan to pinpoint the radiation to the skin cancer. I can control the depth and the width of the radiation to ensure that we treat the cancer cells and surrounding margins but leave health tissue unharmed.

Treating skin cancer is a true art. As a physician I really need to understand my patient and their disease to design the best treatment plan for optimal cancer cure rates, but giving special consideration to the patient physical appearance afterwards. It is very exciting to have so many treatment tools at my disposal here at First Dayton Cancer Care.