Cyber Knife is the Best for Brain Metastasis

Why Cyber Knife?   

Stereotactic radiosurgery (Cyber Knife)  alone – without whole brain radiation – is now considered the standard of care for patients whose cancer has spread to the brain in only 1-3 places.

But did you know that 3 Cyber Knife treatments are better than a single dose of Gamma Knife for patients whose metastatic brain tumors are greater than 2 cm? 

In a breakthrough study, Dr. G.  Minniti  and co-workers looked at 289 patients with brain metastasis greater than 2 cm who underwent radiosurgery as primary treatment.

Head frame is screwed into the skull for treatment with the Gamma Knife.

A head frame is screwed into the skull for treatment with the Gamma Knife.

The remarkable finding was that patients who underwent 3 doses with the Cyber Knife not only had better control of their brain metastasis but also had less risk of a bad side effect called brain necrosis.  Brain necrosis can result in weakness, numbness, speech problems and seizures.  So preventing brain necrosis and its side effects is very important for quality of life.  Dr. Minniti’s study was reported in the prestigious International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology and Physics (95:1142-1148,2016). 

The Cyber Knife Difference  

A soft mess mask is designed for each patient receiving treatment with the Cyber Knife.

A soft mess mask is designed   for each patient receiving treatment with the             Cyber Knife.

So for patients whose brain metastasis are greater than 2 cm, Cyber Knife appears to be theanswer.  Cyber Knife’s accuracy is comparable to Gamma Knife, but Cyber Knife treatment is painless.  A custom mask holds your head in place with no pain and no incisions.  For Gamma Knife treatment, your neurosurgeon needs to give you conscious sedation and local anesthesia in order to screw the Gamma Knife frame into your skull.  It’s not a procedure that you want to go through 3 consecutive days in a row. Learn more about the Cyber Knife treatment here.

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