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CyberKnife for Pancreas Cancer: Ready for Prime Time

Stereotactic radio surgery, like that delivered by CyberKnife, is real breakthrough technology for patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer. In fact, Dr. Joseph Herman of Johns Hopkins wrote in HemOnc Today (December 2016 issue), “Based on phase 1 and phase 2 data, hypo fractionated stereotactic ablative body radio therapy (SBRT) should be a standard-of-care option for patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer.”

New Standard of Care

SBRT, like that delivered by CyberKnife, delivers high doses of radiation very accurately in one week. And CyberKnife is the only SBRT machine that breathes with you. You may not realize it, but your pancreas moves-as much as 2 inches-with each and every breath. CyberKnife is the only SBRT instrument that tracks your pancreatic cancer in real time, sparing surrounding organs. With CyberKnife there are no incisions, no pain and no prolonged hospital stays.  

Future of Care for Pancreas Cancer

The future of CyberKnife is determining how to use this breakthrough technology with chemotherapy and immunotherapy. In fact, the phase 2 Johns Hopkins chemo-SBRT protocol resulted in an overall survival of nearly 3 years.

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