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The Cyber Knife Breaths with You

Dr. Hughes explains how the Cyber Knife is used to treat cancers such as lung, prostate, kidney, brain, spine and many others. Not only can we control the radiation beam to mere millimeters, the real time imaging allows the Cyber Knife to track the tumor to ensure that we target only the cancer. It actaully breaths with our lung cancer patients.  It follows the motion of the prostate. It sees into the brain during treatment. There is NO other radiation treatment that can do this. Watch!

CyberKnife for Early Stage Lung Cancer is Superior to Surgery

Treatment for lung cancer with radiation therapy is proven to be superior to surgery. In a landmark study published in the Lancet Oncology June 2015 16(6) 630-637, cancer specialists reported that early stage lung cancer patients treated with stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR), like that delivered by CyberKnife, had a 3 year overall survival of 95%. Surprisingly, early stage lung cancer patients faired much worse with open surgery (lobectomy) with a 3 year overall survival of only 79%.

CyberKnife treatment stands in stark contrast to surgery. CyberKnife is a highly specialized form of radiation therapy done on an outpatient basis in 3-5 visits, with no pain and no cutting. A lobectomy on the other hand is a major operation where surgeons open your chest and remove an entire lobe of your lung. Requiring a prolonged hospital stay with all the risks of surgery on the chest.

Dr. Joe Y. Chang, a professor of radiation oncology at the world famous M.D. Anderson Cancer Center told Medscape, “For the first time, we can say that the 2 therapies are at least equally effective, and the stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (CyberKnife) appears to be better tolerated and might led to better survival outcomes for these patients.”


I believe this study is telling us that CyberKnife is a good solution as compared to open surgery. And a solution that does not require a major operation. No incisions, no pain, and no prolonged hospital stays with a difficult recovery. CyberKnife is painless and quick. You simply lay on a table and relax. No need to even get undressed.


There are other stereotactic systems found at area hospitals. However, the CyberKnife is the ONLY stereotactic radiation device that actually breathes with you. There is no breath holding. This system has real time x-ray imaging that tracks your movement ensuring that it only targets the tumor and spares healthy tissue. This results in fewer long term side effects and offers immediate results.

First Dayton is the ONLY cancer center in southwest Ohio with the CyberKnife system for treating lung cancers. Discover if CyberKnife is the right choice to treat your lung cancer by calling me today, Dr. Ed Hughes at 855-DAYTON1.


Cyber Knife For Early Stage Lung Cancer Doubles Your Survival

In the study of more than 1,600 veterans with early-stage lung cancer, stereotactic radiosurgery, like that delivered by Cyber Knife, more than doubled the chances of surviving compared to conventional radiation.  Importantly, the study was conducted at VA Medical Centers over the past decade. The study was presented at last week’s meeting of the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology or ASTRO.

 Dr. Brian Kavanagh, President-Elect of ASTRO, told the  Medscape news organization, “Although we are talking about a treatment that is of an advanced technology that has only been allowed in the last 10 years or so, it is also a smarter, more efficient and more cost effective way to do things.  It involves fewer trips to the treatment center for the patient, fewer side effects, and is generally a lot easier to take.”

Cyber Knife has also been shown to be just as effective as open surgery for patients with early stage lung cancer, but without the hospitalization, the risks of open surgery, and the pain. Cyber Knife is available only at First Dayton Cancer Care in southern Ohio.  And Cyber Knife is the only radiation device that breathes with you, tracking your lung cancer’s movement with every breath. 

If you have any questions about treatment of your early stage lung cancer, please feel free to call me, Dr. Edward Hughes, at 855-DAYTON1.  I guarantee that I will see you within 1-3 days.