CyberKnife: Beat Cancer Without Surgery

You may have been told the only way to treat your cancer is with surgery involving large incisions, a lot of pain and a long recovery time.

Dr. Hughes has a better way.

First Dayton CyberKnife is a revolutionary cancer treatment that fights – and beats – many kinds of cancer without surgery. No cutting, no pain, virtually no side effects and no recovery time. You can resume your usual activity immediately after your visits. And best of all, CyberKnife treats cancer in just 1–5 visits – as opposed to radiation treatments at ordinary cancer centers that require up to 45 visits.

First Dayton CyberKnife is not surgery. It uses extremely accurate and very powerful radiation beams to destroy cancer tumors and stop their growth. And, CyberKnife treats tumors that other forms of radiation and even surgery can't reach, anywhere in the body, including:

With CyberKnife, we can see your tumor while we treat it with radiation. This helps target your tumor with pinpoint accuracy. First Dayton CyberKnife is the most advanced system available today –- the CyberKnife VSI system. VSI stands for “versatile, simple and intelligent.” It expands the flexibility and capability of CyberKnife to deliver you the fastest, most comfortable and most effective treatment possible.

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Benefits of CyberKnife

  • 5 visits or less
  • No cutting
  • No blood
  • No risk of infection
  • No pain
  • Few side effects
  • No hospital stay
  • Spares more healthy tissue
  • Treats inoperable tumors
  • Targets tumors with sub-millimeter precision
  • We can see and track your tumor during treatment

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What People Say

  • Everyone has been totally fantastic. The first week was very hard for me, but all 3 technicians I worked with made me feel great even though I know that first week is difficult for them (not on purpose). They always made me feel comfortable Read more...
  • First, I have never been treated so well by all medical professionals. I was scared from the beginning. I was given info in a positive, accurate and direct manner. Because of this I was able to face the fears I had. Each visit strengthened me. I feel that if I had not come Read more...
  • My experience at First Dayton Cancer Care was exceptional from start to finish. Beginning with the initial consultation with Dr Hughes. I always knew what to expect throughout the treatment process. The entire Read more...
  • Everyone from the front desk was great! Jo was excellent in explaining what each visit required verbally and on paper. Annette was great, polite and very informative. Annette made the treatments Read more...
  • Everybody was really nice. Jennifer, Mike, Kristie who did my treatments made me feel very comfortable. They were like friends to me. The staff at the front desk were very nice to me. The doctors Read more...
  • Cyberknife treatment with Annette was great. Radiation treatments with Mike, Jennifer and Kristi was also great. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone needing cancer treatment. I have Read more...

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