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Cancer treatment with the CyberKnife system is so easy for the patient that we would even allow a child to watch. The patient simply lays on a table for 25-60 minutes while the CyberKnife moves around them. They are able to take breaks, sit up or even take a bathroom break if needed. But they do not feel anything. Treatment is painless. They go about their normal day afterwards. Watch and see.

Real Hope for Stage 4 Lung Cancer

An Important Question  

What options are there for stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer patients with limited metastatic disease – the cancer has spread to less than 3 organs other than the lung? 

Study after study have shown that most failures of chemotherapy are exactly at the places of the original lung cancer, and not new sites.  So why not focus on those areas instead of giving more “maintenance” chemotherapy? 

An Important Clinical Trial  

Dr. Daniel Gomez and colleagues spearheaded a clinical trial ( space NCT01725165) that randomly assigned stage 4 lung patients to “maintenance” chemotherapy versus local therapy (mostly radiation, but some with surgery) versus no treatment at all. 

The multi-center study was published in the British journal called The Lancet Oncology in December 2016, pages 1672-1682.  To be eligible for the clinical trial, stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer patients had standard chemotherapy and were in relatively good shape after chemotherapy treatment. 

A Breakthrough Result 

Although only 74 lung cancer patients were entered into the clinical trial from 2012 to 2016, a real breakthrough result was seen.  The breakthrough result was that the local therapy group (radiation or surgery) survived 12 months versus 4 months for the “maintenance” chemotherapy group.  The clinical trial was closed early because the doctors saw better results in the local therapy group (radiation or surgery) versus the “maintenance” chemotherapy group. 

Where Do You Go from Here?  

As a CyberKnife cancer specialist in Dayton Ohio, CyberKnife offers our stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer patients real hope.  And CyberKnife can help you beat your non-small cell lung cancer without surgery.  No pain and no incisions. Real hope for another year of symptom free survival. 

If you have any questions about your lung cancer, please feel free to call me, Dr. Edward Hughes at 855-Dayton 1.  Or visit our website and I guarantee that I will see you within 1-3 days of your phone call.

Radiation Versus Chemo-Not Even Close

Radiation Therapy alone cures more cancers than Chemotherapy.

Radiation Therapy alone cures more cancers than Chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy, not surprisingly, is easy to demonize. Radiation therapy is often misunderstood not only by patients but also by physicians. But did you know that radiation therapy alone can cure many more cancers, including 2 of the 4 major cancers – like lung cancer and prostate cancer – than chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy alone can cure only the rare solid cancers of choriocarcinoma in women and testicular cancer in men.  Chemotherapy of course can cure a number of hematologic malignancies like leukemia and lymphoma.

Yet it’s the solid tumors – breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer – that kill most Americans.  And radiation therapy stands front and center in the battle against those cancers.

Major advances in radiation beam aiming and shaping – like IMRT and high dose rate brachytherapy implants – have reduced collateral damage to surrounding normal tissue.  And stereotactic radiosurgery, like that delivered by Cyber Knife, has done that and more. Cyber Knife has reduced overall radiation treatment times from 6-8 weeks to 3-5 days.

SOLID CANCERS CURED BY                                      SOLID CANCERS CURED BY                                     RADIATION ALONE                                                     CHEMOTHERAPY ALONE     
  • Prostate                                                           Choriocarcinoma in women
  • Head and Neck                                               Testicular Cancer
  • Lung
  • Cervical
  • Skin

Our national meeting is taking place in Boston this week.  The title of the meeting is “Enhancing Value and Improving Outcomes.”  Lots of new information will be presented.  Lots of new technologies and improvements on existing technology will be highlighted.

I wonder if the forest will be lost for the trees?  The real story of radiation therapy over the past 50 years is that radiation therapy alone can cure many more cancers than chemotherapy and at a fraction of the cost.  Yet there is no mention of radiation therapy in the Obamacare “Moon Shot Against Cancer”.

That message has been lost under the burden of Obamacare as radiation therapy reimbursement has been cut dramatically – threatening the future of radiation therapy itself.

If you have any questions about treatment of your cancer, please feel free to call me, Dr. Edward Hughes, at 855-Dayton1.  We are the only cancer center in Dayton that guarantees that you will be seen within 1-3 days of your call, not 1-3 weeks.